Tips and Tricks for Booking a Flight to Perth

I know some of you are concerned about the costs of coming to the Perth conference.  As a Tasmanian, who has only been living in Perth for about 10 years, I fly across the country at least 10 times a year to catch up with friends and family – and this is what I have learnt from personal experience about flying across the Nullarbor:

  1. Shop around. The difference in cost between airlines can be significant. Qantas, Virgin and Jetstar all fly to Perth regularly. It is often cheaper to fly one way with one carrier and home on another. Look at all options.
  2. If you are hoping for a frequent flyer flight both ways – then it is likely you will be disappointed. Due to our FIFO workforce in the mining industry in WA, we have a lot of people who have huge numbers of points, so points flights are hard to get out of Perth. You may have more luck getting a flight to Perth – but then again why use your points – your flight is a tax deduction.
  3. Use points for upgrades – if you have some frequent flyer points and can’t get a points flight then apply for an upgrade – I have regular success in getting upgraded – and for a flight of over 4 hours – it is worth it.
  4. Book early – the cost can double the closer you get to the date you want to fly.
  5. If you see a special or sale ticket - just book it. If you can get a return economy trip from the east coast for less than $700 – then book it. It will not get cheaper.
  6. As a delegate you will be entitled to a Qantas discount. The Qantas discount is only available if you book less than 6 months before travelling. It is 5% off the standard fare – which is great - but you may do better than this if you can get a sale ticket before the discount applies.

Whilst I hope you will take this opportunity to spend some extra time in WA – if you can only be here for the conference then try and get here for the Welcome Reception in glorious Kings Park at 6pm on Tuesday 29 October, and stay for the Gala Dinner at Optus Stadium on Friday 1 November. You will not be disappointed.

Finally, before you jump on the plane check the entertainment options.  Whilst you may have time for a movie or two or to binge watch a series, don’t assume you will have a screen – make sure you download something to watch as backup.

I can’t wait to see you here.

Nicola Watts
Conference Chair (and part time travel guru)